MJ Gleeson

MJ Gleeson plc operate as two businesses: Gleeson Homes and Gleeson Land. The former is focused on building low-cost homes, specifically in the North of England and the Midlands. The latter promotes land in the South of England for residential development.


MJ Gleeson


Real Estate, Industrial & Logistics, Residential


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MJ Gleeson 2022 Annual Report


The annual report pulls together the company’s two divisions with more cohesion and clearly showcases how they interact with one another. 

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The challenge

MJ Gleeson plc operate as two businesses, and it was important to showcase these equally.

We have continued to work closely with MJ Gleeson to better articulate the cohesion between the two divisions and to demonstrate how they interact with one another. We were also keen to further develop the sustainability narrative as MJ Gleeson are continuing to enhance their disclosures year on year.


Our approach

To develop the narrative surrounding the relationship between the divisions, we worked closely with the team to emphasise the similarities across Gleeson Land and Gleeson Homes.

This is reflected in the opening pages of the report where we utilised icons to demonstrate key highlights for each division. We continued this theme into key sections of the report, such as the market review and business model. Both sections discuss each division in detail to demonstrate the intricacies of their respective operating models.

We have been developing the sustainability narrative with MJ Gleeson year on year. This year was a huge step forward in terms of the level of sustainability disclosure, but also due to utilising a more integrated approach. Elements such as Our Sustainability Approach (on pages 4 and 5) bring the material issues to the forefront of the report to contextualise their key activities as well as their decisions as a business.


Our outcome

The document is a great articulation of the business, its performance and material impacts.

The design is closely aligned with the vision with real-life imagery of customers and products, which incites engagement and trust in the business. The sustainability narrative is significantly more integrated into the strategic report, with nods to it through icons, linkages and person-centric imagery. We have also improved the cohesion between the two divisions, specifically in the business overview, but more so throughout the entire report.